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Toyota Programme Launch - 03/09/2012

On 3rd September we were delighted to launch a new Advanced Quality Tools programme for Toyota - looking forward to the project reviews in December.

CQI Membership - 14/08/2012

We are now members of the Charted Quality Institute, demonstrating our total commitment to excellence in all that we do. Talk to us about forthcoming programmes and how we can help improve your business.

October Open Programme Dates - 02/08/2012

We've been busy preparing plans for our Autumn programme which will include Lean and Six Sigma training at all levels - contact us for more information and details of Early Bird Offers.

3 different Projects - Brilliant - 31/07/2012

Mid Programme reviews at Strip Tinning showed the diversity of projects that can be completed using DMAIC. The Management team were very pleased with results to date and booked further support from Capella to drive improvements even more quickly.

Black Belt Project Reviews - 17/07/2012

6 Black Belts presented their projects to a group of Senior Managers. The National Metal Forming Centre is a super location and we saw the beginnings of some great projects - well done guys!

Harsco Programme Launch - 12/07/2012

On 12th July, we launched an in-house Green Belt programme for Harsco Infrastructure. 16 Green Belts will do training and complete improvement projects with out support. Looking forward to the mid-programme reviews.

Presenters were excellent! - 09/07/2012

This was the feedback from one of the delegates on the Supplier Six Sigma programme we delivered on behalf on Jaguar Land Rover. Another course has been booked for October.

Funding Application - 30/06/2012

Capella submitted a bid to the recently announced AMSCI fund in the hope of securing government funding to support future training and development programmes - fingers crossed!

Case Studies Published - 26/06/2012

5 case studies from our latest Environmental programme have now been published - there's one attached for a taster - contact us for more.

Black Belts Share Learning At Alcon - 26/06/2012

A group of Capella Black Belts met at Alcon's facility in Tamworth to share their experiences and plans for CI within their companies. The group will be meeting again in 3 months - let us know if you'd like to find out more.

New Lean Six Sigma Programme Planned for October 2012 - 26/06/2012

We're finalising plans for our next open Lean Six Sigma programme which will launch in October 2012. The programme has a great track record in delivering strategic business improvements as well as skills development for key people. MAS have confirmed that SMEs can apply for funding to cover up to 50% of costs. Contact us for details.

Capella is a Top Draw Provider - 22/06/2012

We're working closely with Semta, the Sector Skills Council for Manufacturing and Engineering, on the development of new programmes. Malcolm Healey described us as a "top draw provider". Its great to get such positive feedback - thanks Malcolm!

"Work done has been invaluable" - 21/06/2012

Mark Jenner from Kimal is working hard to make CI part of everyone's work life and at our last programme review said that the work done by Capella has "been invaluable". Richard's role has developed and with the support of Capella, is well on the way to becoming a Master Black Belt.

Improvements on all Key Processes - 20/06/2012

3 Improvement Projects were presented to the Senior Management team at Strip Tinning and all 3 have delivered process improvements plus plans for further steps that will take the teams closer to their targets. Looking forward to the final project presentations later in the year!

"Amrik kept us all engaged" - 14/06/2012

Delegate feedback from our recent Six Sigma training day at the National Metal Forming Centre was extremely good. Leo Stephenson from Alpha Engineering said that the day was fully valuable and that Capella Trainer Amrik, kept us all fully engaged.

AMSCI Bid Submission - 12/06/2012

Capella has submitted a bid for funding that will enable us to offer funded Business and Skills development programmes. Further details to follow.

Are You Ready for Six Sigma? - 30/05/2012

Feedback from our Alpha Review workshop told us that our on-line assessment tool for Six Sigma is going to be a great success. Jo McKeown from Remploy said "As a Black Belt Project Leader, I'd use this with my team so that they can see how a project is structured and what can be achieved". We use Design for Six Sigma principles to develop this new product and it will become a great case study too.

BAE Black Belt TTT Graduation - 01/05/2012

On 1st May, we proudly handed Black Belt Train the Trainer certificates to delegates at BAE systems - two years of hard work - well done guys!


Supply Chain Funding - 27/04/2012

Capella attended the launch of a new fund designed to improve capacity and capability in supply chains - we're hoping to put together a bid - watch this space!

Driving Quality Back to the Point of Cause - 26/04/2012

"We're driving Quality back to the point of root cause"

"We've never dealt with this robustly before"

"Fantastic - I've really enjoyed doing this"

"We'll be showing this to our customers to demonstrate class-leading performance"

These are just a few of the comments made at the final presentations from our Six Sigma Green Belt Network Programme in the East Midlands.

€1.2m + 3000 Tons CO2 Saved - 19/04/2012

On 19th April, 13 companies joined us at the Eaton Hotel in Birmingham to present their final Six Sigma Environmental Improvement projects. The programme has been fully funded by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce with support from the ERDF. All targets were exceeded and we were delighted to present 14 Green Belt certificates. Well done to the whole team!


13 Companies Signed up for New YB Programme - 17/04/2012

13 companies joined us at the National Metal Forming Centre for the Launch of our latest Open Programme Network. Looking forward to working with a new group and delivering more great projects!

Black Belts Projects Deliver Huge Savings - 05/04/2012

On 5th April, 4 Black Belts presented their improvement projects with combined savings identified of over €70m. "We've looked at this problem 4-5 times before but never using data - the project has brought focus to the issue". Fantastic work by all 4 delegates and their Trainer/Coach Amrik. Well done!


Collaboration... - 15/03/2012

...We've been talking to another of people about collaborating to offer a broader range of services to our clients. Exciting times!

Mid Reviews at Bulwell - 08/03/2012

A wide range of projects were shared at Bulwell Precision who are hosting a network programme for us - product, service and manufacturing improvements are already being seen. Always good to get some quick wins.

JLR Supplier GB Training - 27/02/2012

Another set of very positive feedback was given by a group of JLR suppliers who enjoyed at 5-day programme at Castle Bromwich. Looking forward to the next group in July.

Train the Trainer Programme - 20/02/2012

Team Leaders at Exception PCB had fun making Ninja Stars as part of our Train the Trainer programme. 20 people took part over three sessions and results will be monitored over the coming months.

Capella Joins the Rail Alliance - 09/02/2012

Talks with the Rail Alliance in December has strengthened our links and we are looking forward to discussing further opportunities over the coming months.

"Amrik is a Natural at Teaching..." - 07/02/2012

...This was the feedback from a group of Black Belts that we've been working with at Balfour Beatty and Remploy - they're working on some brilliant projects.

JLR Green Belt Programme Booked - 06/02/2012

Jaguar Land Rover have booked another Supplier Green Belt programme for February 2012. Capella will also be offering coaching and accreditation alongside the training.

New Programme Launch - 06/02/2012

A new Lean Six Sigma Green Belt programme will be launched on 21st Feb at Excpetion PCB following the success of the TTT programme. Looking forward to working with a new team!

Green Belt Programme only €395 - 06/02/2012

Our new funded programme includes 8 days of workshops plus 1:1 support for only €395 - places limited - copy us for details

Recruiting for New Funded Programme - 04/02/2012

We've put together a new programme with the input of MAS that will provide great prices on Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt programmes starting in April 2012 - call us for more details.

Learning Technologies - 24/01/2012

Capella joined PIXELearning at London Olympia for the Learning Technologies exhibition where we launched our exciting new Six Sigma Assessment tool based on gaming technology. We'll be running user workshops during the year - get in touch if you'd like to take part.

Process Industry Talks - 19/01/2012

Capella is considering joining NSAPI - the body that represents Process Industries in the UK. This would build on the work we have already done in the sector and open up new opportunities.

Strip Tinning Programme Launch - 18/01/2012

8 people are taking part in a Six Sigma Green Belt programme at Strip Tinning. Great support from the senior team will help to ensure this programme is really successful.


2012 Programme Development - 03/01/2012

Over the last 3 months, we have updated our development ladder and supporting materials to enable people to start their journey by building basic Problem Solving and Process Improvement skills. They can then add modules to this to extend and deepen capability. It builds on the work we did for BAE Systems and enables us to share best practice across other sectors. Contact us for more information.


Jobs and Sales Safeguarded - 16/12/2011

On 15th December, 17 companies joined us at the Copthorne hotel in Birmingham to celebrate the success of the Kimal Supply Chain programme. The headline results were very impressive...€1.7m savings, 276 jobs safeguarded and €53m sales safeguarded (and a great time as had by all!!)


Industry Forum Talks - 04/12/2011

We have held talks with Industry Forum to develop links and explore opportunities. Exciting times!


CO2 Savings Exceed Targets - 20/11/2011

Mid-programme review outputs show forecast CO2 savings from the Birmingham Chamber's Environmental Supply Chain programme exceed the targets by a long way and cost savings Exceed €1m pa - a great start!


East Midlands Six Sigma Programme Launch - 19/10/2011

8 companies gathered at Bulwell Precision Engineering in Nottingham to Launch the start of a Six Sigma Green Belt programme. Training days will be supported by coaching to help delegates apply their learning to projects. Thanks to Bulwell for the use of their excellent training room!


Excellent Feedback from Jaguar Land Rover Supplier Course - 03/10/2011

We received excellent feedback from delegates on Jaguar Land Rover's Six Sigma Green Belt course for suppliers (and had a lot of fun during the programme!).


Black Belt Programme Launch - 20/09/2011

Delegates from the Electricity Alliance and Remploy are starting their journey on the road to Six Sigma Black Belt level. They will work on improvement projects in their businesses as well as build their knowledge through training days.


Grant Awarded to Develop Serious Game - 12/09/2011

We are delighted to have been awarded a grant from the Singapore Media Development agency and will be working in collaboration with Pixelearning to develop a Lean Six Sigma assessment tool - exciting times!

Associate Agreement Signed with Industry Forum - 15/08/2011

Capella has signed an agreement with Industry Forum and is looking forward to working with their team over the coming months.


BAE Programme Yields ROI in 2 Weeks - 19/07/2011

A formal review of the projects completed at BAE following 18 months of training and support showed great results.
Further training to develop internal capability to train to Black Belt level will be delivered over the coming months.


Business Improvement Leader Workshop - 07/07/2011

Martin Haywood from Alcon shared his experiences of working with Capella as well as thoughts and tips for making Improvement Programmes successful. Call us to find out more...


Environmental Improvement Network Launch - 16/06/2011

16 manufacturing companies from a range of sectors including Healthcare, Aerospace and Automotive gathered at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce to mark the Launch of Network 3. The group will take part in a series of workshops and will be supported through the completion of improvement projects in their businesses. Looking forward to another successful programme!


Clamason BIT Programme Success - 10/06/2011

8 Project Leaders at Clamason Industries presented their improvement projects to the Senior Team and they, in turn were presented with Six Sigma Green Belt certificates.
Their portfolios of work were also assessed against the BIT standards and they will be receiving their Level 2 diplomas from Walsall College. Well done.


Capella Sponsors Lejog Cycle Ride - 25/05/2011

Capella has sponsored a team of riders who are planning to cycle 1000 miles in 10 days from Lands End to John O Groats. They are raising money for Cancer charities and hope to raise at least €5000. Good luck!


ERDF Funded Programme Launch 5th May - 05/05/2011

On 5th May, 52 people from 14 companies met at Kimal's Droitwich facility to mark the formal launch of a Lean Six Sigma Supply Chain Network. Workshops and in-company support will enable delegates to complete Green Belt and Black Belt improvement projects that will boost sales and jobs as well as increase customer satisfaction and profitability. The project is part financed by the European Union's ERDF Competitiveness programme.


Serious Games Institute Bid - 15/04/2011

Capella has submitted a bid for funding in conjunction with two key partners, that would enable the development of exciting new e-resources for Problem Solving and Process Improvement. Fingers crossed!


Recruiting Now - Fully Funded Environmental Supply Chain Network - 05/04/2011

Capella has signed a contract with the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce to deliver another Environmental Supply Chain Network. Contact us for more information on this exciting opportunity. Closing date 16/06/2011.


Environmental Scientist Joins the Capella Team - 31/03/2011

Kate Bullock is Capella's newest recruit. She has considerable experience in running Environmental Improvement Programmes as well as setting up Environmental systems and policies. She will provide expertise to the new Supply Chain Programmes hosted by Alcon Components and Kimal plc. Welcome aboard Kate!


Excelling in BIT Programme Delivery - 29/03/2011

on 29th March, 7 employees at UYT presented their improvement project to a group of senior managers and handed their completed BIT portfolios to the Wasall College Verifier. "A good value learning experience with the added bonus of saving considerable amounts of money" said Sharon Gunnell.


Presentation Evening for Supply Chain - 24/03/2011

24th March marked the formal end to a ten month programme that has delivered over €2m in direct annual savings, €16m of safeguarded sales, 28 Green Belts and 6 Black Belts. Well done to all those who took part - fantastic results and a great evening!


Presentation Skills Programme - 14/02/2011

We delivered a one-day Presentation Skills programme (on Valentine's day!) for a group of Project Leaders to help them tell a good story when sharing progress.


Team Leader Training at STC - 02/02/2011

Capella's new Trainer, Michelle Adey, specialises in Leadership, Performance Improvement and Change Management. She developed and delivered a series of workshops for Team Leaders at STC.


Business Improvement Techniques for Clamason - 28/01/2011

28/1 marked the launch of a new BIT programme for Clamason and one of its key suppliers. The Yellow Belt level programme will lead to NVQ accreditation as well as 3 improvement projects.


Rail Alliance Discussions - 27/01/2011

We have started discussions with the Rail Alliance with the aim of jontly developing a programme of support - exciting times!


CO2 Savings Exceed Target - 09/12/2010

Cllr Huxtable joined the presentation event for the Environmental Supply Chain programme. Targets for CO2 Emissions, Jobs and Sales Safeguarded and Savings were all exceeded and a good time was had by all!


Partnership Agreement Signed with SEMTA - 06/12/2010

We've signed a partnership agreement with SEMTA. This will lead to us working more closely over the next twelve months. Watch this space!


Black Belt Support to Reduce Warranty Costs - 01/12/2010

We have started work with Webasto to tackle warranty problems. Cost savings and improvements in customer satisfaction will be delivered through this important programme.


BAE Yellow Belt Programme Launch - 18/10/2010

Two BAE Trainers will be delivering the first wave of internal Yellow Belt training, following completion of their own training to Black Belt level. Good luck guys!


Lean Programme Launch at Kimal - 17/09/2010

17th September will see the launch of the latest phase of Kimal's improvement journey. This will lead to the identification of new improvement opportunities which Capella will be helping to deliver..

BIT NVQ Programme at UYT - 05/08/2010

Training and assessment activities at UYT on behalf of Walsall College will yield 9 BIT NVQs and the improvement of two key processes. Customer satisfaction is key and these projects will contribute to substantial increases.


Launch of Cross Sector Improvement Programme - 15/07/2010

On the 14th July, 40 Green Belts and Black Belts from 16 companies joined together at Rieter Automotive to Launch a funded Six Sigma improvement programme. The sharing of best practice between banking, healthcare, aerospace, automotive and chemical industries will be fantastic!


CO2 Reductions and Cost Savings - 23/06/2010

Capella's work with Remploy and the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce is set to deliver impressive reductions in CO2 and to generate significant savings.


New Associate to Join Capella - 11/06/2010

A new associate will be joining Capella at in July. Chris brings skills in Lean and Quality Engineering as well as six Sigma - welcome aboard!


Funded Green Belt and Black Belt Programme - 10/06/2010

Contracts are now in place for Capella to deliver Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt programmes to a group of companies hosted by Rieter Automotive GB. Contact us to find out more.


House of Lords Dinner & Discussion - 30/04/2010

Two of our Associates were invited to join a dinner and discussion at the House of Lords on 27th May. "Improvements in the NHS" was the main topic and there was much lively debate.


Supplier Development Programme for STC - 09/04/2010

We closed a Lean Six Sigma Supplier Development programme on 8th April, following 4 months of intensive training and coaching. "We've learned to stop and do things differently" said Team Leader Wain Hinton.


Black Belt Support - 23/03/2010

Capella is providing Black Belt resource to boost the capability of organisations not wishing to employ their own full-time Belts. This is proving very popular with their customers!


4 New Case Studies Added to Resources Area - 20/03/2010

4 new case studies showing key programme outputs and the experience of our clients are now available in the resources area.


Six Sigma to Deliver CO2 Reductions - 09/02/2010

Capella has teamed up with the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce to deliver a ground-breaking programme that will yield cost savings and CO2 reductions for 18 manufacturing companies. Contact us for more information.


Parliamentary Year Book Entry - 14/01/2010

Capella has an entry in the 2010 Parliamentary Yearbook. Checkout our profile.


BAE Systems Contract - 05/01/2010

We have started work on an exciting new contract for BAE Systems.


€70k Savings/Project + €6.8m Sales Safeguarded - 18/12/2009

On 17th December we celebrated the completion of 28 Six Sigma Green Belt improvement projects across 18 companies. Average direct savings pa were €70k. What a great success!


Capella Associate Invited to Present at Jaguar Supplier Conference - 03/11/2009

Amrik was invited to present a Black Belt project he completed with one of Jaguar/Land Rover's key suppliers. This recognition of the quality of improvement projects is well great to receive.


NVQ Assessment - 01/09/2009

Capella has been contracted to write questions that can be used to assess against NVQ standards - great experience for our A1 Assessors.


Warranty Reductions - 01/08/2009

Capella's on-hand expertise has enabled a leading OEM to significantly reduce warranty concerns. Our Associates have been providing Six Sigma Black Belt support to fill key gaps in their organisation to great effect.


Honorary Appointment - 01/07/2009

One of our Associates has received an Honorary appointment from the Medical School at Warwick University following the successful delivery of Productive Ward modules for NHSi


Capella Website Re-Launch - 01/06/2009

Our website-update captured three years of additional experience, with its new programmes, Associates, clients and resources. Have a browse and get in touch.


West Midlands Supplier Register - 01/04/2009

Capella is now an approved supplier on the West Midlands Supplier Register.


Funded Supply Chain Programme Launch - 01/03/2009

Capella, in conjunction with Covpress Holdings has secured funding from the Manufacturing Advisory Service to set up and run a Six Sigma based improvement programme that is expected to safeguard jobs and sales as well as to deliver bottom-line savings for 9 different companies. Following a well-attended launch event, the first wave of training is now complete and Project Leaders are completing final drafts of their Project Charters. Check the local press or contact us for further details.


Another Cohort Completes the Productive Ward Programme - 01/02/2009

We have been working with Warwick University and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement on the delivery of the now internationally recognised Productive Ward programme. Another cohort completed its training at the beginning of April and are ready to roll-out improvements across their trust.


Six Sigma to Reduce Stock by €1m - 01/01/2009

Capella is working with Kimal Plc to increase Problem Solving and Process Improvement capability, training more of its people to Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt level. Capella is coaching the Black Belts who are leading a range of stock-related projects. The whole team will be focussed on the stock reduction target.


Problem Solving and Leadership Skills Programme Launched - 01/01/2009

Capella has worked with Projectfour to develop an integrated Problem Solving and Leadership Skills programme for key members of the team at Geotechnical. Capella and Projectfour will be providing facilitation and coaching support throughout the programme.


JLR Problem Solving Course - 01/01/2009

At the end of another course for Jaguar Land Rover suppliers, Steve Fannnon summarised the delegate feedback sheets and said: "Very positive feedback once again, thanks for your professional delivery of this course". We look forward to the next one later this year.