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Who We Are

We’re a highly motivated team of experienced professionals, passionate about helping people and organisations improve business performance.

“Capella are a rare breed of consultants who actually muck in and roll their sleeves up - and so get things done”
Richard Barton, Managing Director, Strip Tinning.

Since 2005, we’ve worked with over 300 different organisations across a broad range of public and private sectors including Automotive, Aerospace, Power Generation, Construction, Banking, Healthcare and the NHS.

We’ve delivered impressive results for multinationals such as Toyota, BAE Systems, ISS, Bombardier and Balfour Beatty as well as for a broad range of Small/Medium Enterprises and Micros.  Go to our Clients page to see who else we've worked for.

Approved provider status has been awarded by many organisations including the National Skills Academy, Semta and the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. Our memberships of the Chartered Quality Institute and the Black Country Chamber of Commerce provide a strong foundation for our business policies.  

Our core values - Passion, Integrity and Pride - drive all that we do.

Developing great relationships is at the heart of our work.  We have an impressive reputation and a great track record of which we’re extremely proud.

As well as delivering great results for clients, we also contribute to our communities through charity and voluntary work and through donations to our favourite charities.

We support the following charities (links open a new window):

We’ve also supported Joshua Orphan and Community Care, a very small organisation helping children in Malawi that provides basic resources and assistance to ensure all children can grow and develop in their communities.  A group of volunteers worked to build a play area and sanitary facilities.  From the photos it was clear to see what an amazing experience it had been for the UK team and the fantastic results they delivered.  So pleased to be able to support.