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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is “An ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. These efforts can seek “incremental” improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all at once.” ASQ. 

It is possible for Continuous Improvement to be embedded in business culture, to be part of the way organisations operate and to be part of the daily job of every employee and every supplier.  But this requires engagement throughout an organisation from top to bottom.   Our CI ladder shows how this can be achieved.  It builds on all of our experience, reflects ISO13053 recommendations and aligns with ISO18404 requirements. 
The ladder is supported by a range of excellent resources to drive Continuous Improvement awareness, competence and engagement so that:

  • Managers ask the right questions…”what’s the problem, where’s the data, how do we know this is the root cause, how do we know the problem has gone away, what have we put in place to make sure this problem doesn’t come back”
  • You can build recognition system that encourage the right behaviors
  • Daily processes drive good practice – KPIs, reporting templates, gateways and audits
  • Everyone thinks, talks and applies CI principles and tools
  • Everyone seeks CI opportunities
Downloads you might find useful:

Capella Training Programme Outline - CI Leadership Capella Training Programme Outline - CI Leadership (317 KB)

Capella Training Programme Outline - CI White Belt Capella Training Programme Outline - CI White Belt (420 KB)

Take a look at the ladder and contact us to find out more. Download the graphic as a PDF here 

Continuous Improvement Development Ladder Continuous Improvement Development Ladder (206 KB)

Continuous Improvement Development Ladder

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We have a new way of thinking and of challenging some of the less healthy paradigms in the business” Alan Anderson, Director of International Programmes, SAIC Motor Technical Centre.

“Really enjoyed learning the Six Sigma way and the Capella Trainer was always very helpful and encouraging in getting me through the programme”. Francis Robson, Toyota

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