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Problem Solving and Process Improvement

There are numerous methods that we can use to solve problems and improve processes.  Does it really matter which one you use?

You won’t go far wrong if you choose a method that’s…

  • Simple and memorable – so you don’t need manuals to do basic jobs
  • Scalable – so you don’t have to decide which one to use
  • Sacred – so you can rely on every one doing the same every time

We have a range of programmes available.  Our foundation level will help get you started with the basics and gives an overview of different methods and key tools. If you need to build competence in a specific method or are looking for something more advanced, you can select from 8D, Practical Problem Solving (PPS) or Six Sigma.

Case studies:

Case Study - Gestamp Case Study - Gestamp (372 KB)

Case Study - Problem Solving at ZF Case Study - Problem Solving at ZF (354 KB)

Case Study - Problem Solving at Sanden Case Study - Problem Solving at Sanden (544 KB)

Our Programme Outlines show detail on objectives, content and duration. Download them from here…

Foundation Problem Solving and Process Improvement, Foundation Problem Solving and Process Improvement, (303 KB)

Six Sigma Overview Six Sigma Overview (408 KB)

8D 8D (412 KB)

Practical Problem Solving Practical Problem Solving (268 KB)

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Please give us a call and we’ll do our very best to help.
“A great introduction to problem solving – superb support from Capella on projects and training days” Richard Saddler, Six Sigma Green Belt Delegate, Sertec Group 
“…a dramatic change made in the perceptions of the people who have attended the Six Sigma Problem Solving course in relation to their role in the Company. There is more understanding in the business of the need to obtain facts before proposing solutions. This will provide long term sustainable growth to the Company. ..A big thank you to the team at Capella.” Mike Gilsenan, Managing Director, Abacus Healthcare 
“We’ve had this problem for over 9 years and always shied away from it…a great result.” Martin Jones, Operations Director, Covpress