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Capella Associates Customer Concerns

Version: 1.4 | Last revised: 28th November 2018 | Document owner:  K. Smith.


The purpose of this policy is to set out the intentions and key tools that Capella will use to ensure that it responds appropriately to any concern made by a customer. For clarity this includes all customers both internal and external, which may include other providers, employers and learners.   


All Capella associates will be aware of and work within this policy.  The Managing Director will take lead responsibility for deployment of this policy.


We aim to:

  1. Act promptly and efficiently
  2. Ensure that learning is extracted and shared and where appropriate, improve Capella processes
  3. Ensure that there are never any repeat complaints of the same nature


Key tools we will use to ensure customer concerns are addressed appropriately include: 

  1. Build strong and open relationships with all customers such that they feel comfortable to raise concerns.
  2. Annual review of this policy
  3. Annual communication of this policy to promote the importance of responding to complaints in line with the guidelines
  4. Alerting the Operations Director and/or Managing Director to any instances or concerns as soon as they are recognised 
  5. Following the guidelines in Appendix 1 if situations arise
  6. Acting swiftly, carefully and sensitively if any allegations are made against a member of the Capella team (refer to Appendix 2)
  7. Capella Non-Conformance Register, and Safeguarding Register
  8. Standard Agenda for Capella Team Meetings which drives regular review of the Capella Non-Conformance Register and Safeguarding Register
  9. Capella Changes and Opportunities Register
  10. Learner Handbook contains clear guidance on how a complaint can be made.

If any instances or concerns are raised, the Managing Director will be responsible for alerting any relevant body or bodies and for reviewing and monitoring progress.

Review and Updates

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months as a minimum.

Appendix 1

Key steps to take if a Capella client or stakeholder makes a complaint:

  1. If a complaint is made verbally, listen carefully to the complaint and note down all details, asking questions to ensure all facts are understood then state to the client that their complaint will be investigated in full and that a nominated person from Capella will contact them to provide a formal reply.  Do not seek to respond to the complaint in any way but apologise to the client and thank the client for their feedback. Complaints may also be received in writing, via the form within the Learner Handbook.
  2. As soon as possible, inform the Operations Director or the Managing Director about the complaint and share all details provided by the client. Then agree next steps to validate the complaint and to agree an appropriate response (including who will reply, when and how).
  3. Once the formal reply has been provided to the client, the Operations Director or the Managing Director must review any additional actions to ensure all learning from the situation is captured.