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News from Capella Associates

Congratulations - CQI Award Nomination!!! - 19-Sep-2019

Soooo thrilled to have received this message..."We are delighted to inform you that you have bee..

Princess Royal Training Award for Wilko - 15-Aug-2019

Delighted to receive this message from the team at Wilko..."just wanted to thank you and tell yo..

First L5 Black Belt Apprenticeship hosted by Toyota - 01-Jun-2019

What a busy few weeks...we've launched three new programmes this month including our first L5 Bl..

Gardner Aerospace L4 Improvement Apprenticeship - 20-May-2019

It was great to launch a new programme for Gardner Aerospace to up-skill key people from the bus..

New Apprenticeship Standard for Quality Manager/Leader/Engineer - 22-Mar-2019

The CQI hosted a meeting in London to re-launch an Employer Development Group to lead the drafti..

BQF Excellence in Collaboration Award - shortlist - 04-Mar-2019

We're absolutely delighted to have made the shortlist of the British Quality Foundation's "Excel..

Just Energy Green Belt - 04-Mar-2019

We delivered an intensive Green Belt training programme for Just Energy to support the completio..

New Testimonials...checkout this great feedback :-) - 04-Mar-2019

We've added some new testimonials to our website following great feedback from clients involved ..

Presentation Evening Success - 28-Feb-2019

25 Green and Black Belt delegates joined us on 28-Feb with their managers and senior members of ..

First Improvement Apprenticeships in the NHS - 12-Feb-2019

We're delighted to be working with a mixed group of delegates in the NHS on a Level 4 Lean Six S..

Toyota scores Improvement Apprenticeships as 10/10 - 28-Jan-2019

When reviewing progress of the Lean Six Sigma Improvement Apprenticeship programmes we've been d..

CQI Centenary Video Features Capella's MD - 07-Jan-2019

We were delighted to see the final cut of the CQI's centenary video which features Capella's MD,..

ISO9001 Success - 07-Jan-2019

The year started brilliantly with great feedback from our ISO9001:2015 surveillance audit. We c..

Training Partner of the Year - Toyota nominate Capella - 20-Dec-2018

We were thrilled to hear that Toyota nominated Capella for the Semta Skills Award Training Partner o..

Apprenticeship..."that good, I'd like to enrol myself" - 17-Dec-2018

At a recent Programme Review with the HR lead at one of our host-employers, the overall feedback..

EQA visit..."evidence outputs were exceptional" - 30-Nov-2018

We were delighted to receive feedback following an EQA visit which involved the review of eviden..

"...great outcomes for all" - 29-Nov-2018

“Capella’s focus on developing long-term relationships and their continual search fo..

"Excellent coaching and guidance" - 21-Nov-2018

Feedback received from a successful Green Belt delegate this week..."excellent coaching and guid..

I always felt there wasn't time to calculate how bad the problem was... - 12-Nov-2018

A Yellow Belt delegate on a recent Lean Six Sigma programme said: "After many years of managing ..

Global Award for Sanden Delegates - 05-Nov-2018

Two delegates who took part in Capella QCC Lean Six Sigma training have won the Global QCC Award..

"The delegates are loving their programme and they're now leading improvements not just followi - 01-Nov-2018

..this was the feedback from one of our clients at a recent Programme Review. It was great to h..

CQI Filming - Quality Focus for Centenary Celebrations - 17-Oct-2018

It was fun being interviewed for the CQI's latest Quality Focus videos which are being produced ..

Master Black Belt Form - 17-Oct-2018

We were invited to share our knowledge and experience of the new Lean Six Sigma Improvement Appr..

Capella Team Night Out - 13-Oct-2018

We had a great night when the whole team and their partners met for a fun dining experience in B..

Capable and motivated people give you the ability to navigate an uncertain world" - 11-Oct-2018

...this was one of the key messages from the Supplier Skills event we supported...Capella has a ..

JLR Supplier Skills Forum - Strategic Planning for Levy Spend - 11-Oct-2018

We were delighted to support JLR's fifth annual Skills Event for suppliers and we enjoyed facili..

PFMEA and DFMEA Delivery - 01-Oct-2018

Delivery of short courses for new clients in PFMEA/DFMEA has kept the team busy during October. ..

Wilko Yellow Belt Wave Two Launch - 01-Oct-2018

Meeting a new group of delegates and setting them off on their journey is always a pleasure...I'..

Wilko Apprentices Feature in Quality World Magazine - 27-Sep-2018

We were delighted to see two of our apprentices take centre stage in a Quality World feature on ..

Nasmyth Group Presentation Evening - 19-Jul-2018

Delegates from the Nasmyth Group and other partner companies joined together at the Holiday Inn ..

Open Green Belt Programme - Mid Reviews - 17-Jul-2018

Delegates from our latest open Green Belt programme shared their improvement projects at the Mid..

GSK Barnard Castle Launch Improvement Apprenticeship Programme - 16-Jul-2018

Delegates from two key parts of the Barnard Castle site were joined by their managers and the Pr..

"Clear focus on the individual and organisation with a high standard of content delivery" - 06-Jul-2018

...this was the feedback from one of the delegates on the Pattonair in-house Green Belt programm..

Wilko - Improvement Apprenticeship Wave 2 Launch - 04-Jul-2018

It was great to launch the second wave of Green Belt Level 4 Improvement Apprenticeships at Wilk..

ESFA Audit - Confidence in Compliance - 02-Jul-2018

We welcomed the ESFA audit team to Qualitrain's Alfreton offices where the checks of our systems..

Sanden Problem Solving Programme - Wave 3 and 4 Launches - 22-May-2018

We launched another two waves of Problem Solving training at Sanden Germany for delegates from a..

Lloyds Register - Business Process Management Programme - 21-May-2018

It was great to run a new programme for Lloyds Register. We worked with their HR team to build ..

Improvement Apprenticeship Programme Launches - 53 Learners across 5 Employers - 03-May-2018

During the first two weeks of May we launched another 4 Lean Six Sigma Apprenticeship programmes..

Ofsted Conference - 26-Apr-2018

Really getting to grips with Ofsted requirements is high on our agenda as we commence delivery o..

Continuous Improvement White Belt for Bulten - 19-Apr-2018

We delivered our White Belt programme to delegates from across Bulten to build understanding of ..

Stadco Yellow Belt Apprenticeships Launched - 18-Apr-2018

It was great to be back at Telford working with the Stadco team to continue building their Conti..

WHS Plastics - 12-Apr-2018

Another group of delegates from across WHS Plastics attended the launch of their Lean Six Sigma ..

Federal Mogul Hosted Green Belt Apprenticeship - 10-Apr-2018

A group of 14 delegates from Federal Mogul, Aktrion and Ball Packaging assembled at Federal Mogu..

Sanden Green Belt Programme Launch - 09-Apr-2018

We launched Wave three of a Green Belt Problem Solving programme at Sanden Germany - really look..

Wilko Improvement Apprenticeship Launch - 04-Apr-2018

We’re delighted to announce that in March we launched Lean Six Sigma Improvement Apprentic..

ISO9001:2015 Audit Success - 08-Mar-2018

A little over 14 months after starting our ISO9001 journey we were delighted to hear the news th..

Toyota Yellow and Green Belt Apprenticeship Programmes Lauched - 05-Mar-2018

We were delighted to finally launch Yellow and Green Belt Improvement Apprenticeship programmes ..

Capella Open Green and Black Belt - Places Available for April-2018 - 28-Feb-2018

We have a few places remaining on our forthcoming open Green and Black Belt programmes. With ce..

GDPR Preparations - 27-Feb-2018

We've completed detailed assessments and action plans to ensure full compliance with new Global ..

Lear In-House Green Belt Mid Reviews - 30-Jan-2018

A great selection of projects were presented by the Lear team at their mid reviews - well done t..

Continuous Improvement White Belt programme for iPro - 29-Jan-2018

Working with new clients is always interesting and fun...we launched a new multi-wave cross-site..

PFMEA Training delivery in India and China - 15-Jan-2018

Delivering PFMEA training for JLR in India and China was a great opportunity for the Capella tea..

Capella and Qualitrain Win Contract to Manage Adient Seating Apprenticeship Levy Programmes - 20-Dec-2017

We’re delighted to announce that we have signed a contract with Adient Seating to manage their..

Capella Presentation Evening - 07-Dec-2017

We had a wonderful evening with delegates, clients and special guests when we shared the success..

Bombardier APQP Tools Training - 28-Nov-2017

We were please to be back at Bombardier, working with their teams to build skills in applying ke..

JLR STA PFMEA Pilot - 28-Nov-2017

Having developed a bespoke training programme for JLR's STA team, we were pleased to receive pos..

ISO9001:2015 Stage 1 Success!! - 27-Nov-2017

Following several months of building and refining our processes to identify and capture best-pra..

Nasmyth Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - 01-Nov-2017

We're delighted to be launching another programme hosted by Nasmyth. The group includes delegat..

CITB Programme Launch - 31-Oct-2017

Today we're launching a Yellow Belt programme with delegates from across CITB - its always good ..

Lear Green Belt Programme Launch - 03-Oct-2017

We launched a Green Belt programme for Lear delegates - a great start to the programme - looking..

Design for Six Sigma Programme Launch at Shanghai Automotive - 12-Sep-2017

A new group of delegates started their Green Belt "top-up" programme in September - we're lookin..

Shanghai Automotive - Programme Launches - 12-Sep-2017

It was great to meet two new groups taking part in Yellow and Green Belt training - really looki..

Toyota Yellow Belt Trial Success - 11-Sep-2017

It was a great pleasure to see nine excellent projects presented at the end of the Yellow Belt A..

L3/4 Improvement Apprenticeships - 08-Sep-2017

Formal approval of the Assessment Plans for L3/4 Yellow and Green Belt Improvement Apprenticeshi..

Business Focus Magazine - JLR Feature - 01-Sep-2017

We were delighted to be included in the latest Business Focus magazine along with the special fe..

Minitab Consultants Training - 30-Aug-2017

Two of our team members joined Minitab's latest training day for consultants - we continue to ke..

JLR Supplier Green Belt Training - PLACES AVAILABLE - 24-Aug-2017

There are a few places still available on the next JLR Supplier Green Belt training programme st..

Quality Tools Training - Record Number of Enquiries - 23-Aug-2017

During July and August, we've received a record number of enquiries for training in Quality tool..

5S training in Germany - 21-Aug-2017

As part of the role out of a new 5S training and development programme for Sertec, we delivered ..

SMTC Continue to Seek Opportunities - 17-Aug-2017

Following the presentation of some great project work, SMTC directors and senior managers contin..

WHS Plastics - Project Success - 15-Aug-2017

Yellow Belt delegates from WHS Plastics presented their completed projects, demonstrating their ..

"Valuable insight and guidance during the project" - 28-Jul-2017

This was the feedback from one of the delegates taking part in the JLR Supplier Green Belt Probl..

Continuous Improvement Strategy Development - 25-Jul-2017

I was delighted to see the progress made by one of our clients on the implementation of their Co..

Business Reviews - JLR and Sertec - 03-Jul-2017

We've held business reviews with key clients this month, sharing our latest status, successes an..

Single, Simple Solution for Managing Levy Funds - 03-Jul-2017

We've developed a package of resources to provide a single, simple solution for organisations lo..

Presentation Evening for 14 Delegates - 29-Jun-2017

We were delighted to host a presentation evening for 14 delegates who took part in a Lean Six Si..

100% Pass Rate - 27-Jun-2017

100% of the delegates on an in-house programme at Sanden certified as Green Belts at their final..

Pattonair Wave 3 Launch - 14-Jun-2017

We successfully launched wave 3 of a Problem Solving programme with Pattonair, working with a wi..

Excellent day - I really enjoyed it! - 12-Jun-2017

This was the feedback from the lead delegate on a bespoke training course covering the topic of ..

Toyota Maintenance Yellow Belt - Mid Reviews - 12-Jun-2017

The trial of a Maintenance Yellow Belt Problem Solving programme saw its mid review on 12 June a..

Continuous Improvement Leadership Training - 08-Jun-2017

A group from WHS Plastics took part in a three-day Continuous Improvement Leadership programme and o..

Toyota Green and Black Belt Successes - 08-Jun-2017

Another cohort of Green and Black Belt Problem Solvers presented their projects to mentors and m..

"From green belt to doctorate, I’ve have current or former members of Capella helping me along - 01-Jun-2017

This was the feedback from Saj Saddiq, Lean Enterprise Director at Federal Mogul Motorparts. Wh..

84% of Capella clients "come back for more" - 01-Jun-2017

Latest data shows 84% of our clients come back for more...either more of the same or new additio..

Green Belt Refresher for Kmial - 15-May-2017

Its been great working with a group of people we trained a few years ago, refreshing their Probl..

Business Values to Drive Continuous Improvement - 03-May-2017

We worked with groups of people across WHS Plastics to help embed values that will drive Continu..

GTMA Article - Value of Problem Solving - 02-May-2017

An article on Capella programmes and the value of Problem Solving has been published in the GTMA..

Train the Trainer Module added to 5S Programme - 25-Apr-2017

We've worked with a key client to add extra value to their 5S training programme. Champions fro..

"Thanks for the excellent course delivery and support" - 14-Apr-2017

This was the feedback from one of the delegates who completed his Black Belt certification follo..

"Professional Trainer, and good materials" - 10-Apr-2017

One of the Valeo delegates who've completed their Green Belt certification has said "I fully rec..

"the most beneficial training he has been on" - 06-Apr-2017

"Our delegate who was on your six sigma course last week had excellent feedback, he actually sai..

Open Programme - Record Numbers - 05-Apr-2017

We've launched two new open programmes at Green and Black Belt level with record numbers of dele..

Sertec 5S Programme - 05-Apr-2017

We reviewed progress of the 5S training programme against aims and objectives and were really pl..

Apprenticeship Standards Approved L3/4 Improvement - 28-Mar-2017

After much hard work, the Expressions of Interest for new Apprenticeships have been approved. T..

Nifco 8D Training - 15-Mar-2017

We delivered a bespoke 8D training programme to up-skill key people in 8D Problem Solving. It w..

Programme Reviews at Toyota and WHS Plastics - 01-Mar-2017

We saw some great projects at mid and final reviews held at Toyota and WHS Plastics as part of t..

Brose Quality Week - Guest Speaker - 28-Feb-2017

We were invited to present at Brose’s annual Quality Week which included a series of honor..

JLR Supplier Green Belt - Last Chance to Book for March-17 - 28-Feb-2017

We'll soon be closing registrations for the March JLR Supplier Green Belt Problem Solver trainin..

Master Black Belt Standard - Consultation Open - Please Take Part - 28-Feb-2017

Consultation for the Master Black Belt (L6) Apprenticeship is now open - please contact us if yo..

Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards Finalised for L3&4 - 15-Feb-2017

Following the recent consultation with wider industry, we took part in a workshop to collate the..

Nasmyth Green Belt Mid Reviews - 14-Feb-2017

It was great to see delegates share their improvement projects - an excellent event for learning..

Minitab Training Options - 09-Feb-2017

We spent a very useful couple of hours with Minitab understanding how Capella programmes can mak..

ISO9001 Workshop - 03-Feb-2017

We started the year with a two-day workshop mapping, documenting and standardising best practice..

"Amazing training - it will open plenty of opportunities for improvement" - 27-Jan-2017

This was the feedback from one of our open Green Belt delegates. Always a pleasure to receive g..

"Thanks for your support, passion and drive" - 20-Jan-2017

This was the feedback from one of our in-house programme delegates at Magna who felt the Capella..

WHS Plastics - Continuous Improvement Phase 2 - 19-Jan-2017

Following on from the success of Phase 1 we were delighted to start the next Phase of up-skillin..

Pattonair - Final Presentations - 18-Jan-2017

Delegates at Pattonair presented their completed projects to sponsors and senior managers follow..

Apprenticeship for Lean Six Sigma and Change - On its Way! - 16-Jan-2017

For many months now Capella has chaired the Automotive Working Group for Standardised Problem So..

2017 Open Programme Dates - 13-Dec-2016

We’re delighted to announce dates for our open Six Sigma programmes in Q1 2017. You&rsquo..

Continuous Improvement Strategy Workshop - 08-Dec-2016

It was great to support one of our clients at second workshop to complete the development of the..

Presentation Event - 08-Dec-2016

It was fantastic to present certificates to 74 delegates from 27 companies who've successfully compl..

CI Programme Success at WHS Plastics - 28-Oct-2016

WHS Plastics are seeing some great results and excellent engagement in their Continuous Improvem..

Sanden Continuous Improvement Programme Launch - 18-Oct-2016

We were delighted to launch a second programme at Sanden incorporating Lean, Problem Solving and..

"Excellently delivered, with enthusiasm" - 17-Oct-2016

This was the feedback from one of the delegates who took part in the JLR Supplier Green Belt pro..

Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt Apprenticeships - 17-Oct-2016

We've been working for several months on the development of Apprenticeship Standards for Green, ..

JLR Supplier Skills Forum..."fantastic work you put together" - 12-Oct-2016

We were delighted to have been invited to support JLR's Supplier Skills Forum where delegates sh..

New Courses - Decisions with Data and Solve a Problem - 11-Oct-2016

We delivered new courses for one of our Automotive OEM clients and enjoyed working on a new set ..

Industry Working Group - 30-Sep-2016

The Industry Working group that we chair met at JLR's Gaydon site to share progress on key tasks..

Aerospace Lean Six Sigma Programme Launch - 28-Sep-2016

We were delighted to welcome a new group of delegates to their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program..

Apprenticeship Levy - Employers Event - 28-Sep-2016

We joined Andrew Parsons from Toyota at an Employer Roadshow delivered by the Skills Funding Age..

Continuous Improvement Green Belt Launch - 28-Sep-2016

Successful Yellow Belts at WHS Plastics started on their Green Belt top-up journey...looking for..

Trailblazer Apprenticeship for Advanced Problem Solving - 23-Sep-2016

Following several months of hard work we shared the draft Apprenticeship Standard at the Industr..

"A step change in Problem Solving ability" - 20-Sep-2016

...this was the feedback from one of the senior managers at ZF following a review that we held ..

Customer Satisfaction Survey - 16-Sep-2016

We received some excellent feedback from Phill Hurst at Nasmyth and spent half a day brainstormi..

Shanghai Automotive Design for Six Sigma Straetgy - 15-Sep-2016

We spent half a day with the DFSS Steering Group reflecting on their strategy and planning next ..

"Its the simple things that make a big difference" - 12-Sep-2016

...great feedback from the first group taking part in WHS Plastics' in-house Continuous Improvem..

100% Excellent - Course Delivery and Tutor Input - 12-Sep-2016

Its rare for every single delegate in a training room to mark "excellent" on their feedback form..

GTMA Reshoring Event - 06-Sep-2016

We joined the GTMA's Reshoring event at Seco with a keynote speech from JLR and a really interes..

CI Bench-marking visits - Marine, Auto, Aero - 22-Jul-2016

The Capella team had a great day sharing learning and best practice with companies in the 3 sect..

"The best training I've ever been involved with" - 29-Jun-2016

This was one of the comments made by a delegate on the Stadco Green Belt programme. The group r..

Never stop learning! - 01-Jun-2016

During June we've attended Minitab training, a CQI event launching the new Lean and Six Sigma IS..

Continuous Improvement Leadership - 17-May-2016

This week will see the final day of Continuous Improvement Leadership training at WHS Plastics. ..

"A great programme with a good use of examples" - 16-May-2016

"I've found both the greenbelt and blackbelt training programmes to be first class. Capella have..

"I’m glad you’ve pushed me to deliver the best project I could" - 16-May-2016

"Totally engaging and I’m glad you’ve pushed me to deliver the best project I could"..

CQI Event - co-presentation with Shanghai Automotive - 11-May-2016

Capella's MD, Kate Smith, co-delivered a presentation with Alan Anderson at Shanghai Automotive ..

Gestamp-Hosted Black Belt Programme - 10-May-2016

Black Belt candidates from Gestamp, Toyota and Rexam assembled for their first module in May. T..

PFMEA Training for JLR - 09-May-2016

We worked with another group of delegates at JLR, building their skills in Process-FMEA. This pr..

Nasmyth Lean Six Sigma Programme Presentation Dinner - 28-Apr-2016

We had a very enjoyable evening with delegates, their managers and the Directors from Nasmyth, s..

MSA and Capability Analysis Training at Brose - 27-Apr-2016

We delivered a bespoke training module for Brose to build competence in Measurement System Analy..

Open Green Belt Programme Launch - 27-Apr-2016

We were delighted to meet another new group of Green Belt candidates and their managers at the l..

"Very professional yet friendly training given with plenty of personally coaching available if - 25-Apr-2016

Another happy customer! Mark completed his Black Belt as part of our programme along with other..

“A brilliant course, probably the best I have been on” - 19-Apr-2016

This was the feedback after the first day of our Team Leader programme. Another delegate said: ..

Apprenticeship Matching Service Launch - 14-Apr-2016

Capella's suite of Advanced Problem Solving tools was launched at the Apprenticeship Matching Se..

"very useful skills and tools that I will use a great deal during my career" - 13-Apr-2016

"I found the course very interesting, detailed and well delivered"...this was the feedback from ..

Pattonair Wave 2 Launch - 07-Apr-2016

Wave 2 assembled for their launch of their programme and we're looking forward to working with a..

Toyota Advanced Problem Solving Tools - Programme Launches - 24-Mar-2016

This month we've launched 2 new waves of Green Belt level training at Toyota, integrating Six Si..

Semta Film Crew at Stadco - 23-Mar-2016

As part of Semta's promotion of the Advanced Problem Solving programme jointly developed by Cape..

Toyota Black Belt Projects - 23-Mar-2016

We had the pleasure of seeing the most recent set of Toyota Black Belts present their projects -..

Programme Launch - Magna - 15-Mar-2016

It was great to meet a new group of delegates and their Sponsors at the launch of a new in-house..

JLR Supplier Problem Solver Training - 14-Mar-2016

A group of delegates from 6 businesses came together for a 1-week programme that shares JLR Prob..

Qualitrain BIT Programme Launch at Pattonair - 10-Mar-2016

We launched a new programme for Qualitrain where we'll be working alongside their team to delive..

Open Black Belt Programme Launch - 09-Mar-2016

We were delighted to launch our Q1 2016 open Black Belt programme with delegates from a range of..

Design for Six Sigma Certifications at SMTC - 04-Mar-2016

Another group of delegates at Shanghai Automotive presented an impressive set of projects follow..

Cambridge Judge Business School - MBA Lecture with Toyoya - 03-Mar-2016

It was an honour to be stood alongside Andrew Parsons from Toyota sharing our joint work on the ..

Funding - remaining AIP monies to be allocated - 15-Feb-2016

There are still a few funded places available for Six Sigma Green and Black Belt training. Up to..

Semta Skills Award - Highly Commended - Capella and Toyota - 10-Feb-2016

It was a real honour to be sat on the Toyota table at the Semta Skills Awards which took place a..

New Recruits for Capella - 29-Jan-2016

We're delighted to welcome two new recruits to the Capella team. Niki Sinclair is our new Busin..

Great Posters Produced at Final Training Day - 07-Jan-2016

Some great posters were produced on the final day of a DMAIC training programme with a mixed gro..

New Funded Programmes Q1 2016 - up to 80% refund - 04-Jan-2016

We have a limited number of places remaining on Problem Solving training programmes launching in..

Advanced Problem Solving for Toyota - 17-Dec-2015

We launched the latest Green and Black Belt programmes at Toyota Burnaston with great support fr..

Presentation Dinner - 10-Dec-2015

It was a great pleasure to host the presentation dinner for delegates from our open Green and Bl..

Capella Recruitment Plans Announced - 01-Dec-2015

In the coming weeks we'll be recruiting for 2 new positions: Trainer/Consultant plus a Business ..

JLR Supplier Skills Forum - 27-Nov-2015

We were delighted to support the JLR Supplier Skills Forum at the Heritage Centre where notable ..

Maintenance Problem Solving Programme - 27-Nov-2015

After several weeks of preparation, we were delighted to commence work on the new Maintenance an..

Mid Reviews at Nasmyth Group - 27-Nov-2015

Mid-programme reviews for the Nasmyth Green Belt programme demonstrated a good understanding of ..

PFMEA Training for JLR - 27-Nov-2015

We've developed bespoke training materials and delivered training to groups of Engineers to buil..

"Taught me the Power of the Data" - 11-Nov-2015

This was the feedback from one of the Black Belt delegates on our open programme. 9 projects we..

ISS Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - 04-Nov-2015

We launched a bespoke in-house programme to up-skill the Improvement team at ISS. The delegates..

Quality Tools programme for Sanden - 27-Oct-2015

We launched a new Quality Tools programme for Sanden Germany with great support from the senior ..

"The course I've ever been on" - 26-Oct-2015

This was just one of the many glowing comments from delegates who have taken part in our Team Le..

Manufacturing Technology Centre Workshop - 21-Oct-2015

We attended the latest MTC workshop to explore opportunities for joint working and best-practice..

Green Belt Programme for Webasto Romania - 20-Oct-2015

We've used a combination of on-site training and remote-coaching to up-skill a group of delegate..

Supplier Problem Solving Programme Launched - 12-Oct-2015

We launched another Supplier Problem Solving Programme with the support of Steve Fannon, Master ..

Gestamp Green Belt Programme Launch - 30-Sep-2015

We launched a tailored in-house Six Sigma Green Belt programme at Gestamp for employees on the C..

ISO 9001 for Capella - 25-Sep-2015

We held our first detailed planning meeting at the end of September. Further strengthening our p..

Six Sigma Glossary App Launched - 25-Sep-2015

We're delighted that our Six Sigma Glossary App is now available as a free download on the App S..

"People are now asking the right questions" - 24-Sep-2015

...This was one of the comments made at the Shanghai Automotive Steering Committee, reflecting o..

JJS Electronics - Lean Practitioner Programme - 22-Sep-2015

"We're now better equipped to make future improvements"...this was one of the comments from the ..

ZF Lemforder - Programme Launch - 21-Sep-2015

A group of delegates from two ZF sites took part in the launch of their Green Belt Problem Solve..

Toyota Supplier Partner Workshop - Funding Update - 18-Sep-2015

We joined the latest Supplier Partner Workshop at Toyota where a funding update was shared along..

Stadco Presentation Evening - 09-Sep-2015

The day after launching Wave 3 of their Six Sigma programme, Stadco hosted a presentation evenin..

Black Belt Framework Development - 04-Sep-2015

We're continuing our work on developing an Auto Industry standard for Black Belt training in con..

Nasmyth Launch - 03-Sep-2015

It was great to launch another Lean Six Sigma programme with the Nasmyth Group at their premises..

Sponsor Workshop - 02-Sep-2015

It was great to meet the Sponsors of the latest wave of Green Belts at Stadco - their role is ke..

JLR Supplier Green Belt Programme - Places Available - 30-Aug-2015

There are still a few places available on the next JLR Supplier Green Belt programme. 80% fundi..

Red Bull, ISS and Toyota Case Studies Added to Capella Website - 30-Aug-2015

New case studies outlining our work with Red Bull/Rexam, ISS and Toyota have been added to our w..

SEMTA Publish Case Studies - 30-Aug-2015

SEMTA, the Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies, has pu..

SPC Module Added - 25-Aug-2015

We've added details of our SPC module which develops skills and competence in applying Statistic..

Toyota Green and Black Belt Launch - 24-Aug-2015

24 new delegates and their managers joined the launch of their Green and Black Belt Advanced Qua..

Process FMEA Training for JLR - 18-Aug-2015

We co-delivered a pilot programme for JLR and we're now looking forward to working with groups f..

Toyota Green Belt Success - 24-Jul-2015

The latest group of Toyota delegates presented their Advanced Quality Tools projects and demonst..

Stadco Wave 2 Final Reviews - 22-Jul-2015

Another group of 12 delegates from across Stadco presented their completed improvement projects ..

Design for Six Sigma Overview Training - 08-Jul-2015

We have been contracted to deliver another series of DFSS Overview training days to build wider ..

"Thanks for an awesome course" - 03-Jul-2015

Neil, a delegate on Capella's open Lean Six Sigma Green Belt programme, also said "thanks again ..

"The service provided by Capella has been excellent" - 03-Jul-2015

John Huskinson has been a delegate on our Lean Six Sigma programme and has also completed a Lean..

Capella White Paper - Blended Learning - 01-Jul-2015

We were invited to contribute to a book on the cutting edge topic of Serious Games and the role ..

"Used DFSS thinking in developing our transformation strategy" - 30-Jun-2015

Delegates from Shanghai Automotive reflected on their learning and received Green Belt certifica..

GTMA Promotes Capella Green Belt Programme - 30-Jun-2015

Further strengthening Capella's work with the GTMA, we have established links between our websi..

"A new way of thinking and of challenging less healthy paradigms " - 29-Jun-2015

This was the feedback from Director of International Programmes at SAIC Motor Technical Centre f..

Black Belt Project Progress - 29-Jun-2015

Our latest group of Black Belt delegates studying together on a Capella open programme, shared p..

Design For Six Sigma - Shanghai Automotive - 22-Jun-2015

We launched the second wave of DFSS training for a group from Shanghai Automotive Motor Technica..

In-house Programme at ZF - 18-Jun-2015

We launched an inhouse Green Belt Problem Solver programme at ZF with special guests JLR's Maste..

8 Black Belts Certified at Toyota Programme - 09-Jun-2015

We were delighted to award Black Belt certificates to delegates on Toyota's first Advanced Quali..

Lean Practitioner Launch at JJS - 04-Jun-2015

We launched a 5-day Lean Practitioner programme at JJS Electronics to build skills in identifyin..

"Great atmosphere provided by Capella trainers" - 29-May-2015

Following successful completion of a JLR Supplier Green Belt programme we received some great fe..

"moved us from empirical containment to a systematic study" - 27-May-2015

An Advanced Quality Tools project has been studying the process for managing stock holding and h..

"A faintastic journey of learning, self-development and practice of excellent continuous improv - 26-May-2015

...More delegate feedback of which we are very proud!..

"Capella's Lean Six Sigma program is a must for any organisation wanting to increase value to t - 26-May-2015

This was the feedback from one of the delegates on our open Green Belt programme hosted by the N..

ISS Workshop - 20-May-2015

Continuing our work with ISS, we facilitated a workshop for the senior team and their customers,..

APQP for Bombardier - 12-May-2015

We delivered the next wave of APQP training for the Quality team at Bombardier. Lots of questio..

8D Training for Rexam - 11-May-2015

We delivered an 8D training module for a group at Rexam who were joined by one of their major su..

"Making better decisions and inspiring others to do the same" - 08-May-2015

It was a real pleasure to share the successes of the projects at ISS. With a clear vision from the ..

Yellow and Green Belt Launch - 30-Apr-2015

New delegates and their managers took part in the launch of their Green Belt programme and share..

Webasto Romania - 27-Apr-2015

An in-house Green Belt programme incorporating Sponsor Training and a Project Selection/Scoping ..

Development of Training Programmes - Best Practice - 22-Apr-2015

The process of developing training programmes and resources is no different from any other process t..

Black Belt - Standardised for the Auto Industry - 17-Apr-2015

We took another large step forward with the work to standardise Black Belt curriculum, delivery and ..

"A positive impact on safety through standardisation" - 15-Apr-2015

Improvements on a wide range of products on processes will be delivered as part of the latest se..

Black Blet Programme Launch - Open Network - 14-Apr-2015

We were delighted to welcome our latest group of Black Belt delegates who will develop their skills ..

Lean Leader Training - 14-Apr-2015

We delivered a bespoke Lean Leader programme for Nasmyth Group. The Continuous Improvement Leader s..

Jaguar Land Rover Training - 30-Mar-2015

We co-delivered Yellow Belt training to groups of Engineers at Jaguar Land Rover as part of a pilot ..

Financial Services Sector - Business Process Management Training - 24-Mar-2015

We delivered another 2-day Business Process Management training programme to a group of Process Owne..

APQP Training for Bombardier - 17-Mar-2015

Directors and Senior Managers assembled for the first of 2 training days on the topic of APQP. ..

Capella Team Grows - 12-Mar-2015

We're delighted to welcome Abi Barrett to the Capella team. She'll being working on some internal b..

"The data we're now seeing on a regular basis is much better" - 02-Mar-2015

Great projects covering a broad range of improvements were delivered by the latest group hosted ..

Funding Workshop - 27-Feb-2015

We joined representatives from Semta and members of the Automotive Council to hear about the IP fund..

Shanghai Automotive - 18-Feb-2015

A White Belt programme has been added to the suite of training we're delivering for Shanghai Automot..

Stadco Celebration Dinner with Special Awards - 18-Feb-2015

The leadership, commitment and investment from Stadco has been amongst the best we have seen and the..

Team Leader Training at Sertec - 18-Feb-2015

Following the great feedback from the first 4 groups, we commenced delivery of a catch-back programm..

ISS "Good to Great" Lean Strategy - 11-Feb-2015

Directors and Senior Managers joined their delegates for the launch of a bespoke Lean-based impr..

Toyota - Frist Black Belt Group Share Projects - 10-Feb-2015

The first group of Toyota's Six Sigma Black Belts took part in a mid-programme review and shared..

Sponsor Training for Stadco Wave 2 - 03-Feb-2015

Senior Managers from across Stadco took part in a Sponsor training day to develop their understa..

Toyota Advanced Quality Tools Programme - 02-Feb-2015

The latest group of Toyota delegates attended a launch event for their programme and were joined by ..

11 New Proposals - A Record Month - 30-Jan-2015

January has been a record month for the number of new proposals submitted. As we head towards o..

Growth Accelerator - 30-Jan-2015

As part of our Continuous Improvement journey, we've been working with a Business Coach under th..

Black Belt Framework Development for the Auto Industry - 29-Jan-2015

As part of our work with the Automotive Council we have made further progress on the development..

APQP Training for Bombardier - 28-Jan-2015

We delivered the first of two workshops to the Senior Team at Bombardier. We explored best prac..

Webinar on Value of Six Sigma Black Belts - 27-Jan-2015

Check out the IF website for a webinar on the value of Six Sigma Black Belts - we received some ..

"This will put us a step ahead"... - 26-Jan-2015

...This was the feedback from one of the Sponsors at Stadco following presentation of a complete..

"The Best Material I've Seen"... - 15-Jan-2015

Mid Programme reviews at Chinn Limited revealed another set of great improvement projects from t..

New Programme Launch - Stadco Wave 2 - 14-Jan-2015

A group of 12 delegates, their Sponsors and members of the Steering Group joined together for th..

Exploring E-Learning Opportunties - 12-Jan-2015

We had another interesting meeting with our partners at Totem Learning and the University of Bra..

New Dates Set for Open Programmes in 2015 - 12-Jan-2015

We're delighted to announce that new dates have been set for our suite of Open Programmes in 201..

"Poor data sent us down a blind alley" - 07-Jan-2015

It was great to hear of the progress made by one of the delegates on his Six Sigma Problem Solvi..

Capella Welcomes Adrian Dant to the Team - 05-Jan-2015

We're delighted to welcome Adrian on board as part of our Consultant team. He's already deliver..

New Team Member for Capella - 05-Jan-2015

We're delighted to welcome another Associate to the Capella team. Adrian Dant has many years ex..

"Great Learning Experience" - 11-Dec-2014

This was the feedback from Roy Franklin - Director at Aktrion - following his Six Sigma Black Be..

"Opened my eyes to new ways of working" - 11-Dec-2014

This was the feedback from another very satisfied delegate from our latest open Green Belt progr..

Alan Anderson - Special Guest - 11-Dec-2014

Alan Anderson, Director of Vehicle Programmes at Shanghai Automotive, joined our year-end presen..

Special Award for James Bradley at Bee Design - 11-Dec-2014

We were delighted to present James Bradley from Bee Design with a Special Award for Outstanding ..

Associate Workshop at MTC - 03-Dec-2014

We were delighted to have been invited to join an associate workshop at the very impressive Midl..

"These are young lads and they've done a great job" - 27-Nov-2014

These were the words of Peter Pugh at Sertec when he saw the improvement projects that were comp..

CQI Membership Renewal - 25-Nov-2014

We have renewed our membership of the Chartered Quality Institute. The access we gain to world ..

Ricoh Arena - JLR Supplier Skills Conference - 25-Nov-2014

We were delighted to be invited to host one of the workshops being delivered for suppliers to pr..

"A great framework to use across my entire business" - 20-Nov-2014

These were the words from Jason Thorpe at Nasmyth following the presentation of Phill Hurst's ex..

"We've involved key customers and they've valued being listened to" - 20-Nov-2014

Jon Davies's project focussed on improving customer service and he used some simple but powerful..

ISO Certification enabled through Six Sigma Project - 13-Nov-2014

Paul Crees from Bee Design was delighted with the work completed on 2 Green Belt projects that c..

Youngs Seafood, Sterigenics and Coram Showers Work With Others to Improve Production Efficiency - 13-Nov-2014

Direct annual savings of at least £1.7m have been delivered through our latest open networ..

"One of the best training programmes we've ever done" - 11-Nov-2014

This was the feedback from Directors and Senior Managers at Sertec when we reviewed feedback fro..

New Website Pages Added - 10-Nov-2014

We've added new pages to our website aimed specifically at JLR suppliers who want to find out mo..

Auto Council Funding Bid - 30-Oct-2014

We've been working in an advisory capacity with the newly-formed Auto Council which has been set..

Mid Programme Reviews Stadco - 21-Oct-2014

A great range of projects from across the 3 sites were presented to the Steering Group and one o..

"We've just won a big new contract as a result of our work on this project" - 16-Oct-2014

Efficiency and Quality improvements delivered through a Green Belt project at Beakbane has resul..

Lean Overview London - 07-Oct-2014

Feedback from the group in London was very positive and has led to an in-house programme in the ..

Toyota Programme Launch - 06-Oct-2014

Two firsts...we've launched a Six Sigma Green and Black Belt programme for Toyota where Black Be..

Chamber Membership Renewal - 03-Oct-2014

We've renewed our membership of local Chambers as part of our Marketing and Development Plans. ..

Negotiation Skills - Wye Valley Brewery - 03-Oct-2014

A 1-day Negotiation Skills course was very well received by the team at Wye Valley Brewery - ple..

Growth Accelerator - 02-Oct-2014

We have signed up to the GA programme to support our development plans - great input so far from..

Funding still available - 23-Sep-2014

Keeping on top of funding sources is no easy job because there are so many options available but..

"Very Good and Simple"...our new e-learning modules are launched - 22-Sep-2014

As part of the phased launch of our new e-modules, we've asked key clients to provide feedback; ..

Wye Valley Brewery - Negotiation Skills training - 22-Sep-2014

We delivered a 1-day in-house programme for Wye Valley Brewery...pity we didn't get to sample pr..

Fozmula join Nasmyth Green Belt Programme - 19-Sep-2014

we're delighted to welcome new additions to the Lean Six Sigma programme being hosted by Nasmyth..

Benchmarking Black Belt - 18-Sep-2014

We spent half a day with Steve Fannon from JLR benchmarking our Black Belt training materials - ..

Black Belt Benchmarking - 18-Sep-2014

We were most grateful to one of the JLR Master Black Belts who spent time with us comparing and ..

Failure Mode Avoidance - 18-Sep-2014

JLR have booked further dates for FMA training - designing and building Right First Time is crit..

Shanghai Automotive Launch Wave 4 Design for Six Sigma Programme - 16-Sep-2014

Wave 4 of Shanghai Automotive's Design for Six Sigma programme was launched with an inspiring in..

Strategic Plan - Design for Six Sigma - 16-Sep-2014

I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop with Executives and Senior Managers at Shanghai Au..

Strategic Planning for DFSS Integration - 16-Sep-2014

We designed and facilitated a workshop for executives and directors at Shanghai Automotive to de..

Master Black Belt Programme - 12-Sep-2014

Development of our MBB programme has progressed further and we're looking forward to launching t..

"I left reassured that the training content and provisions from Capella are world class" - 11-Sep-2014

These were the words from Jason Andrews at Martin Manufacturing after the first training day of ..

"The best programme I've been on..its changed the way I work" - 11-Sep-2014

We were delighted to launch another Lean Six Sigma Green Belt programme with the Nasmyth Group. ..

Business Process Management - Financial Services sector - 07-Sep-2014

A new group of delegates enjoyed 2 days of Business Process Management training and identified a..

"Brilliant" - 02-Sep-2014

We're now 3/4 of the way through the Team Leader development programme we're running with Sertec..

Great Course! - 02-Sep-2014

We delivered the second part of the latest JLR supplier Problem Solver Training at Walton Hall h..

Avoiding Failures and Conducting Analysis - 01-Sep-2014

During September we delivered more in-house programmes for JLR and there's now a schedule of dat..

Failure Mode Avoidance Training for JLR - 01-Sep-2014

We've been co-delivering the JLR Failure mode Avoidance training for some months now. Delegate ..

ILM candidates pass with flying colours - 01-Sep-2014

We were delighted to confirm that our first group of ILM candidates working towards a qualificat..

JLR Supplier Training - 01-Sep-2014

A group of 16 delegates arrived at Walton Hall hotel for the latest 5-day Green Belt Problem Sol..

Sponsor Training at Stadco - 27-Aug-2014

Project Sponsor training for the Stadco team helped build understanding of best practice methods..

Semta Opportunities - 12-Aug-2014

Our latest meeting with the Sector Skills Council for Engineering and Manufacturing revealed fur..

Robustness Training for Tier One Supplier - 31-Jul-2014

We developed and delivered an in-house programme to build understanding of the principles, steps..

On track to deliver objectives - 18-Jul-2014

Our end of quarter review of objectives made for very good reading - super job so far team - wel..

"We'd no idea about the power and importance of these tools" - 14-Jul-2014

We had the pleasure of seeing our latest Black Belt candidates presenting their project progress..

Role play was excellent and enlightening - 10-Jul-2014

We were pleased to receive loads of positive feedback from the bespoke Performance Management pr..

MAS Briefing - Access to Finance - 09-Jul-2014

We joined a well-attended MAS briefing session where access to finance was a key topic. Its a b..

JLR Supplier Problem Solver Course - 07-Jul-2014

For the first time, we split the 5-day JLR course into 2 blocks to allow time for project select..

Partnership with EMP strengthens - 07-Jul-2014

We held a mid-year review with the senior team at EMP to review progress and further opportuniti..

Lean Ideas at Sertec - 01-Jul-2014

We launched a 1-day Lean Overview with groups of delegates at Stadco. Plenty of discussions too..

Certifications at Toyota and Shanghai Automotive - 30-Jun-2014

Over the last week we have enjoyed seeing final project presentations from delegates at Toyota a..

JLR Supplier Green Belt Certifications - 30-Jun-2014

As JLR's supplier of Supplier Six Sigma Green Belt traiing, we were pleased to certify another g..

Sertec and SMTC Mid Reviews - 16-Jun-2014

Over 2 days we reviewed progress on over 20 projects across 2 organisations. It was a pleasure ..

Open Yellow Belt Programme - 10-Jun-2014

A somewhat nervous group did a brilliant job of presenting their Yellow Belt projects to colleag..

New Case Studies Added to the Capella Website - 31-May-2014

We added new case studies to our website covering electronics, precision engineering and constru..

Lean Overview in London - 30-May-2014

We were delighted to have the opportunity to deliver our Lean Overview module to a mixed group ..

JLR Conduct Analysis - 27-May-2014

Having spent a number of weeks developing this exciting new module, we delivered the first pilot..

Growth Accelerator - 21-May-2014

Michelle O'Connor and her team hosted a workshop to update key providers on the latest funding s..

Institute of Leadership and Management - 16-May-2014

We have now completed the taught and coaching elements of our ILM programme in the Retail Sector..

Business Process Management Training - 15-May-2014

We were delighted to receive positive feedback from a new programme focused on Business Process ..

Toyota Mid Programme Reviews - 12-May-2014

We continue to be impressed by the standard of work, level of commitment and management support..

Sertec Green Belt Launch - 25-Apr-2014

Delegates from across the Sertec Group were joined by Managers and Directors to launch their in-..

Lean Certificates for Exmac - 11-Apr-2014

After several months of hard work, the Exmac team received their Lean Practitioner certificates ..

Design for Six Sigma at Shanghai Automotive - 10-Apr-2014

Senior managers and delegates joined together to reflect on the successes of the first wave of D..

IEG Visit to UK - 08-Apr-2014

We were delighted to welcome the IEG team to the UK to share learning and best practice on the D..

Toyota Advanced Quality Tools - 07-Apr-2014

A great selection of improvement projects were completed by the Wave 1 team - well done everyone..

JLR Supplier Green Belt Programme Launch - 28-Mar-2014

Delegates from a range of suppliers joined our latest Problem Solver's course launched by Steve Fann..

Toyota Management Awareness - 24-Mar-2014

Another group of Toyota managers attended our awareness programme for the Six Sigma Advanced Quality..

Open Green Belt Launch - 20-Mar-2014

We were delighted to welcome a new group of delegates to our Yellow and Green Belt programme lau..

New Black Belt Programme - 12-Mar-2014

Our latest open Black Belt programme launched this month. With a broad range of sectors represented..

Shanghai Automotive Project Reviews - 10-Mar-2014

We saw some super projects presented by the first wave of DFSS Green Belts at SMTC-UK. Mid revi..

Design for Six Sigma Sponsor Training - 06-Mar-2014

Another group of directors and senior managers from Shahghai Automotive took part in Sponsor tra..

Sponsor Training - 27-Feb-2014

A group of Senior Managers joined us for a Design for Six Sigma Sponsor training day to build their ..

Semta Review - 24-Feb-2014

As part of our on-going relationship with the Sector Skills Council Semta, we reviewed a range of op..

JLR Supplier Approval - 14-Feb-2014

We were delighted to be approved as a supplier to JLR and to be awarded with a contract to develop a..

Shanghai Automotive Design for Six Sigma Programme - 13-Feb-2014

We launched Wave 3 of Shanghai Automotive's Design for Six Sigma programme with opening words from P..

Nasymth Group Final Reviews - 07-Feb-2014

"I was really proud to see the projects presented by my team"...these were the words from one of..

Failure Mode Avoidance Course - 04-Feb-2014

One of our team joined the latest FMA course at the University of Bradford. Lots of interesting..

Toyota Programme Launch - 03-Feb-2014

We were thrilled to launch the next wave of Advanced Problem Solving training for Toyota at their Bu..

Funding Workshop - 29-Jan-2014

We attended a Funding Workshop hosted by the Black Country Chamber to make sure we understand ke..

E-Learning Opportunity - 28-Jan-2014

We're seeking a partner organisation to trial our e-resources for Six Sigma blended learning. Pleas..

JLR Supplier GB Certifications Confirmed - 28-Jan-2014

We've been delighted to issue Six Sigma certification to delegates at ThyssenKrupp, Sanden and Webas..

JLR Supplier GB Course - 28-Jan-2014

The next JLR Supplier GB course will run from 3-March. Please get in touch to find out more about t..

Open Black Belt Launch Planned - 28-Jan-2014

We'll be launching our next Open Black Belt programme on 12-March - contact us for information and d..

Open Yellow and Green Belt Programmes - 28-Jan-2014

We'll be launching our next Open programmes on 20-March - get in touch to find out how you can get i..

Welcome to our new team member!! - 28-Jan-2014

We're thrilled to welcome Mick Dickenson to Capella. Mick will be working on a range of projects. ..

Minitab 16 - 16-Jan-2014

With attended the launch workshop for Minitab 16 - lots of exciting new features and an even better ..

Minitab 17 Launch - 16-Jan-2014

We attended Minitab's launch event for v17 in January and we're planning to update our materials so ..

50% funding for SMEs on Open Programmes - Recruiting NOW - 14-Jan-2014

We are completing plans for our 2014 Open Programmes to be launched in March. Modules in Lean, Six ..

JLR Green Belt Programme - Recruiting NOW - 13-Jan-2014

We are finalising recruitment plans for our next JLR Six Sigma Green Belt programme for Suppliers. ..

Growth Accelerator - 08-Jan-2014

The January Growth Accelerator session focussed on finding more SMEs who could take advantage of..

Seeking 200 compaines for 50% funding - 08-Jan-2014

We took part in Growth Accelerator's most recent workshop where they confirmed that funding is still..

EMP Partnership Strengthens - 16-Dec-2013

An end of year review with Enabling Maximum Potential has further strengthened our relationship and ..

Celebration Dinner - 12-Dec-2013

We took great pleasure in awarding Course Cttendance and Six Sigma, Yellow, Green and Black Belt Cer..

Would you consider more programmes with Capella? 100% YES - 12-Dec-2013

100% of delegates from our Open Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt programmes told us that they would "..

"Excellent Introduction to DFSS tools" - 09-Dec-2013

We completed the second Sponsor Workshop for SMTC and received great feedback. They're all fired up..

Toyota Project Reviews - 05-Dec-2013

We were delighted to see the progress being made by delegates on the first wave of Toyota's Advanced..

"Excellent workshop" - 26-Nov-2013

...this was the feedback from one of the delegates involved in SMTC's Sponsor training. The gro..

Design for Six Sigma Programme Launch - 25-Nov-2013

It was great to launch wave 2 of SMTC's DFSS programme. Another set of "Explorers" has signed up an..

Hosting at the Chamber Awards Dinner - 21-Nov-2013

We had a great evening with clients from Redhall, Toyota, Electricity Alliance, SMTC, Aktrion and Re..

Growth Accelerator - 05-Nov-2013

Capella joined the Providers workshop to learn how we can provide even better support for our client..

JLR Green Belt Training - 04-Nov-2013

As JLR's nominated provider for Supplier Green Belt training, we had an enjoyable week with a mixed ..

"I'm understanding how to approach problems" - 25-Oct-2013

..this was just one of the host of positive comments from the team at SMTC following their mid r..

Toyota Launch - 14-Oct-2013

Delegates and their managers joined this exciting programme launch which will see a company-wide gro..

New Funding Available - 08-Oct-2013

We are delighted to announce that we are working in partnership with CUE Ltd to deliver The Technolo..

Management Awareness at Toyota - 03-Oct-2013

As part of the Advanced Quality Tools programme, we held Management Awareness workshops at Burnaston..

GM's Quality System Basics - 23-Sep-2013

We had a great week with Aktrion's European team and representatives from one of their clients. ..

IMechE Soft Skills Training - 19-Sep-2013

We were delighted to have the opportunity to deliver a series of workshops as part of the IMechE Sof..

"Helping us see how we can analyse data...its brillian" - 12-Sep-2013

..quotes like this one make it all worthwhile! We reviewed a group of projects on our Open Green Be..

Nasmyth Mid Reviews - 10-Sep-2013

We saw progress on a whole range of exciting projects at Nasmyth's Chinns factory on 10-September. ..

Sponsor Training at SMTC - 03-Sep-2013

We assessed M&Ms and flew helicopters with a group of enthusiastic Sponsors who enjoyed lear..

Capella Client Receives Grant Funding - 23-Jul-2013

One of Capella's long-standing clients has secured grant funding to support skills development f..

Capella is Recruiting!!! - 29-Jun-2013

Following a great start to the year, we are delighted to be recruiting more associates. Please do g..

Exmac Automation - 27-Jun-2013

We were delighted to launch another Lean Practitioner programme this week - Capella's learning and d..

World Class commitment to people development & CI - 24-Jun-2013

Strip Tinning continue to grow their capability and have launched another wave of Yellow Belt traini..

"I've surprised myself..I approach things differently now" - 20-Jun-2013

These were the words from one delegate at Beakbane presenting his final Six Sigma Green Belt project..

Design for Six Sigma Awareness Sessions - 23-May-2013

A series of workshops for Directors, Department Heads and employees, marked the beginning of a Desig..

Lean Practitioner Certificates Presented to Strip Tinning - 22-May-2013

After a 4-month training and support programme at leading manufacturer Strip Tinning, we were deligh..

Team Leadership Programme Launch - 20-May-2013

A group of new and experienced managers met at the NMC for the first day of their Team Leader traini..

Partnership with IEG - 16-May-2013

Kate's recent trip to China has marked the formal beginning of a new partnership with IEG, specialis..

Green Belt Programme Launch at SMT Developments - 15-May-2013

Another group of delegates started their Six Sigma Green Belt journey at the launch of our latest op..

Best Practice CI Deployment Shared with International Construction Business - 29-Apr-2013

We were delighted to have the opportunity to share Best Practice "Continuous Improvement Deployment"..

Black Belt Programme Launch - 24-Apr-2013

Strip Tinning hosted the launch of our latest open Black Belt programme that will build skills a..

Close working with Semta reveals new source of funding - 22-Apr-2013

Our latest meeting with Semta has revealed a source of funding that could help larger organisations ..

East Midlands Green Belt Programme Launched - 19-Apr-2013

Delegates from 5 Nasmyth Group companies have teamed up with Benteler and JJS Electronics for a Six ..

"A great refresher...even though I've done the training before" - 09-Apr-2013

This was the resounding feedback from the group at Kimal who joined a one day Six Sigma overview and..

JLR Supplier Conference - Capella Programme Promoted - 08-Apr-2013

We were delighted to be invited to join JLR's latest Supplier Conference to share details of the pla..

Black Belt Support for JLR Tier 1 Supplier - 04-Apr-2013

Following an exploratory meeting, we've provided on-site support to a key Automotive Manufacture..

Harsco Presentations - 21-Mar-2013

What a busy week! 12 Branch Managers shared their Six Sigma projects with us and their Senior Leader..

JLR Project Conference - 18-Mar-2013

We were delighted to be invited to join the latest project conference at JLR where Green Belts show-..

Toyota Project Reviews - 18-Mar-2013

It was a joy to see the final projects delivered by Toyota at Deeside and Burnaston. The pilot prog..

"We've uncovered a problem that no one ever considered" - 12-Mar-2013

Improvement projects were shared by the team at Tulip's office in Warwick. Senior Manager were ver..

Lean for Joy - 06-Mar-2013

Joy Mining Machinery (http://www.joy.com/) has over 90 years experience as a global leader in th..

Skills Policy Group - 06-Mar-2013

We were invited to join the Black Country's Skills Policy Group to explore opportunities for collabo..

Jaguar Land Rover Supplier Green Belt Training - 25-Feb-2013

We had a fun week delivering Green Belt training to a group of tier one suppliers. Great feedback i..

Overview for Toyota Managers - 21-Feb-2013

The final one in a series of workshops was delivered to managers at Toyota as part of the Advanced Q..

Growth Accelerator - 18-Feb-2013

We've supported three Capella clients in their applications for Growth Accelerator. This newly ..

Semta Provider Forum at the NMC - 13-Feb-2013

We joined the Semta team at the NMC to share latest news on skills in the Engineering and Manufa..

Lean Plant Design Workshop - 06-Feb-2013

When businesses change and grow, they aim to make new areas the best they can be but often miss ..

Lean Practitioner Programme - 06-Feb-2013

Strip Tinning has booked more dates with us to ensure all of their team take part in the Lean pr..

Discounts on Open Programmes - 01-Feb-2013

Capella's 2013 Open Network Programme is being promoted by the Black Country Chamber and we are ..

Are You Ready? - 11-Jan-2013

Our partnership with Serious Games Developer Totem Learning will be cemented when we launch cutt..

Capella Features as Quality World Employer of the Month - 11-Jan-2013

As members of the Chartered Quality Institute, we were delighted to be selected as Employer of t..

Early Bird Discounts for 2013 Programme Annouced - 09-Jan-2013

We've just released dates for our April/May 2013 Open Network Programme that includes discounts of u..

Kate Smith Interviewed for Supply Chain Development Article - 04-Jan-2013

The January edition of Quality World includes a feature on use of Quality tools in Supply Chains. C..

Capella Website Re-Launch - 02-Jan-2013

On time and on cost - our new website has been launched to budget and we're now embarking on pha..

Employer Ownership Fund - 17-Dec-2012

Capella has registered for Round 2 of the Employer Ownership Fund with the aim of securing funds to ..

Six Sigma Certification for Jaguar Land Rover Suppliers - 16-Dec-2012

Capella is offering Green Belt certification to JLR suppliers who have taken part in Supplier Green ..

£1.7m Savings Delivered - 12-Dec-2012

As part of our April 2012 Open Programme, 26 Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Projects were completed ..

Electricity Alliance and National Grid - 11-Dec-2012

Zig Bentley from the Electricity Alliance kindly presented his excellent Six Sigma Black Belt projec..

Special Award for Sean Young at Barton Coldform - 11-Dec-2012

Our latest special award for outstanding achievement has gone to Sean Young at Barton Coldform. ..

Harsco Management Workshop - 05-Dec-2012

Directors at Harsco Infrastructure took part in a Six Sigma Awareness Workshop to support roll-o..

Toyota Advanced Quality Tools Programme - 30-Nov-2012

Management Overview Sessions and project reviews were help this month and we're delighted with resul..

Beakbane Joins Open Network Programme - 20-Nov-2012

Following the highly successful Quality Tools programme that we delivered in the summer, Beakban..

Strip Tinning Green Belt Presentation - 16-Nov-2012

Presentations of completed Green Belt projects at Strip Tinning were followed by an enjoyable lu..

Jaguar Land Rover Dates Booked for 2013 - 06-Nov-2012

We're delighted to have booked a schedule of dates for 2013 where top JLR suppliers can join Green B..

Capella Moves Into the Cloud - 01-Nov-2012

We took a strategic decision in Q2 to establish a Cloud-based system for document sharing and storag..

Harsco Infrastructure - 27-Oct-2012

"I can see how I can use this to improve any process"; "this is a great backbone for any manager's s..

Tulip and Joy Mining Join Open Programme - 24-Oct-2012

We are excited to be working with two new clients - Tulip, the UK's largest processor of meat pr..

JLR Supplier Training - 15-Oct-2012

Capella is delighted to be delivering Jaguar Land Rover's Supplier Six Sigma Green Belt training aga..

Capella Joins Chamber - 04-Oct-2012

Capella has joined the Black Country Chamber of commerce and is looking forward to making new connec..

Sustainability West Midlands - 01-Oct-2012

Sustainability West Midlands have published case studies based on the ground-breaking work we did fo..

Great Feedback from MD Mike Southwell... - 25-Sep-2012

"We needed a significant training program in PFMEA and Control plans to be delivered at short no..

Capella Features in The Manufacturer - 30-Aug-2012

Semta has published an article in The Manufacturer magasine outlining the successes of Capella's..

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